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750 mg/each. Available in 100 and 250 count sizes.

vitalize blood, relieve pain and spasm.

SKU: BB-Greens
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A nutrient-rich superfood for health and vitality* 500 mg. tablets, 180 per bottle
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Flying Dragon Liniment Flying Dragon Liniment was developed by Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc & Traditional Chinese Herbalist. Bartlett was looking for an oil-based alternative to the alcohol-based liniments currently available.
SKU: RM-Immune
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Promotes immune system function.
(Echinacea, Elder Berry, Usnea)
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A hormone-based, yang tonic combination.

Sample Applications:
Autoimmune disorders, bone marrow deficiencies, impotence associated with aging.

84 tablets - 1000mg/each.
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100 tablets per bottle - 200mg per tablet
SKU: PM-21
Lonicera & Forsytha Formula 120 tablets - 525mg/each